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Orange Juice GIF. Click to see!



A cinemagraph is a still photograph in which a minor and repeated motion occurs. I built my cinemagraph by first taking a video of my dad pouring orange juice into a glass. I selected a part of the video that didn’t show a lot of difference in the amount of orange juice was in the glass. After uploading it into photoshop in layers, iI selected the area of the video with the lasso tool that I wanted to continue moving throughout the video. Then i duplicated all of the layers and reversed them to make the illusion more interesting. Finally I was finished with my GIF of never ending orange juice! However, it was difficult to find a part of the video with the least amount of glitches and movement. I wish i was more creative with my idea, but I hope to create more cinemagraphs in the future because I think they are really cool!