Reaction to Place


For this assignment, we had to take 3-5 images of places outdoors that spoke to us in some way. Then we had to take an image of a room in our house, and turn it into a surreal place. For the fist part of the project, I used 2 photos that were more nature based, and 2 others that were taken at a beach in Cape Cod that my family visited. These shots from the beach captured my attention because I have never taken photos of a beach in the fall/winter. There was a much different lighting effect. My most successful photo from this part of the project was the photo of the yellow flower. I really like shooting limited depth of field. There was not much editing done on these 4 photos. However, there was a lot of Photo Shop work involved. I turned my indoor porch into a sunken ship using PhotoShop. I inserted plants and sea animals into the room to make the image more interesting.
The most difficult part of rendering my illusion was making all the colors and shadows match up so it didn’t look edited as much. I used the photo filter tool to make every layer of the image the same color tone.This was the tool that i used the most on this project.If i could reshoot my background image. I would take out some of the random object that were in the room. Some of these objects took away from the illusion, and others made it more difficult to manipulate in Photo Shop. I had to manipulate each layer that i put on the final image individually, so it was difficult to get them to match. This illusion of making the room look under the sea as a sunken ship was very difficult to achieve. There is still a lot of things I would change about it, such as making the walls and furniture look older and destroyed. However, overall I think I did a pretty good job making the images I insert realistic. Also, although the color tone for each aspect was a struggle, I ended up feeling confident with it.


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