Portrait Project


In this digital photo assignment, we were assigned to take portraits. One of the types of portraits was to take a few regular portraits with little editing in photoshop. The other type was a fictional portrait where we took a regular portait and turned the person into something or someone else using photoshop. We could make up a character or just turn them into whoever or whatever we wanted. For my regular portraits, I photographed my sister Elena. My favorite of these regular portraits is the one of her on the ride side of the photo with the red and white striped background. I took this photo in broad daylight and the entire frame was pretty much in focus. However, I usually use limited depth of field in portraits like some of the others so that the background doesn’t take away from the person.

For my fictional portrait, I photographed my friend Morgan and turned her into Barbie. I used many different new tools that made her skin look plastic, put fake blonde hair on her head, and enhance her eyes and makeup. I think my most impressive photoshop work on this image was putting on and editing blonde hair and the “Barbie” necklace. I had to work hard to make the hair look like it was real, but I do think I could have done a little better job. One really important photoshop skill that I learned while making this photo was how to use layers. This is how I was able to put on hair and a necklace that I found online onto the portait of my friend. I was able to manipulate each part of the image individually so it would look more realistic.


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