Digital Photo 14 Categories Assignment


My most successful image was my limited depth of field image. This was a close up image of a dandelion. It turned out exactly how i wanted it to. The original image was in color, but when i was messing around with it on photoshop, I decided it looked better in black and white. You could see the intricate details on the dandelion that you weren’t able to see with the colors. Also, I made sure that the background was completely blurred so that the clear focus of the photo was the dandelion and it wouldn’t take away from the image.

The image that i might do differently was my pan. It it a picture of my dog running in my yard. I don’t think I was really clear on the idea and concept of shooting a pan when I was taking the picture. If i took this again, I probably would have made the picture a little less bright on photoshop as well as take it at a different time of day so the sun wasn’t so bright. I also should have made the focus more on my dog and make sure he was completely in focus.


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