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Digital Photo 14 Categories Assignment


My most successful image was my limited depth of field image. This was a close up image of a dandelion. It turned out exactly how i wanted it to. The original image was in color, but when i was messing around with it on photoshop, I decided it looked better in black and white. You could see the intricate details on the dandelion that you weren’t able to see with the colors. Also, I made sure that the background was completely blurred so that the clear focus of the photo was the dandelion and it wouldn’t take away from the image.

The image that i might do differently was my pan. It it a picture of my dog running in my yard. I don’t think I was really clear on the idea and concept of shooting a pan when I was taking the picture. If i took this again, I probably would have made the picture a little less bright on photoshop as well as take it at a different time of day so the sun wasn’t so bright. I also should have made the focus more on my dog and make sure he was completely in focus.


Random Photos


Digital Photo-Favorite Photographer


This is a photograph taken by Bruce Heinemann. He is a fine art landscape photographer whose photos have been published in two books, one of which he wrote himself. ┬áHis images have appeared in Sierra Magazine, Audubon, Outdoor Photographer, Alaska Airlines, and National Geographic. His photos really stood out to me in class because of how crisp they were and how beautiful each landscape was. You can tell that he had to wait for the perfect time and find the perfect place to take each of his photographs. This in particular photo is especially striking! The colors are so distinct and the overall visual of the photo is stunning. Landscape is one of my favorite things to photograph so Heinemann’s photos are some of my favorites.